REMINDER – Jürgen Bley – POLARITÄTEN – Ausstellung Galerie am Färberbach

JÜRGEN BLEY lädt zur Ausstellungseröffnung seiner Einzelausstellung “POLARITÄTEN” am 29. Mai ab 19:00 Uhr in die Galerie am Färberbach.


Jürgen Bley, Portfolio LIEBE - TOD- TEUFEL

Jürgen Bley, Portfolio LIEBE – TOD- TEUFEL


Galerie am Färberbach
A-4596 Steinbach an der Steyer

Vernissage ” POLARITÄTEN” 29. Mai. 2015, Beginn 19 Uhr
Lesung aus dem Ratgeber “MONEYMENTO – Mentales schafft Reales”, von der Autorin Monica Mark

Polaritäten bestimmen unser Leben. Wo Licht ist, ist auch Schatten.
Kunst unterscheidet nicht zwischen Realität und Vision, sondern schafft Realtität auf Basis der Vision. Kunst spaltet nicht in gut und schlecht, sondern erkennt die Polarität als Einheit, weil es das eine ohne das andere nicht gibt. Dies auch im Leben anzuerkennen fällt uns oft schwer. Tag und Nacht bilden eine Einheit, wie Glück und Trauer, Ebbe und Flut oder Mangel und Fülle. Weil es das eine ohne das andere nicht gibt. Das Schöne daran: genau dieses Spannungsfeld bietet uns Entfaltungsfreiraum. Man stelle sich vor, es gäbe nur Fülle, keinen Mangel. Zugegeben das klingt gut. Die Sache hat nur einen Haken: Wir wären in einer Welt gefangen, aus der es kein Entrinnen gibt. Erst die Stufen zwischen den Polen geben uns die Freiheit zu wählen. Ohne die Facetten, die das Leben bunt machen, gäbe es keine Veränderung. Davon erzählen die Kapitel im Buch Moneymento und die Bilder dieser Ausstellung.

Jürgen Bley, BLUTSAUGER, mixed media on paper, 50 x 50 cm

Jürgen Bley, BLUTSAUGER, mixed media on paper, 50 x 50 cm

Kritische, teils drastische Zeichnungen und Malereien bilden die Schattenseiten unserer Kulturentwicklung ab. Andere bringen innere, in der Seele des Menschen verborgene Nöte zum Ausdruck. Manchmal überdeutlich, manchmal sehr subtil. Als Gegenpol werden Bilder gezeigt, die Fantasie und Mut kommunizieren, so dass man auch in Hoffnung schwelgen kann.

Jürgen Bley, SPANISCHE TOMATEN, mixed media on paper, 50 x 50 cm

Jürgen Bley, SPANISCHE TOMATEN, mixed media on paper, 50 x 50 cm




Zum sechsten Mal laden Wiens führende Galerien von 29. bis 31. Mai 2015 zum Vienna Gallery Weekend ein.

Über drei Tage zieht sich das dichte Programmangebot der 21 teilnehmenden Galerien. Begleitend dazu beschäftigen sich Talkrunden in der Kunsthalle Wien im MuseumsQuartier mit aktuellen Fragen des Kunstbetriebes.

Erstmals erscheint zu der Veranstaltungsreihe auch ein eigenes Magazin.

The Gallerist Programme 2015: call for applications

de Appel arts centre is now accepting applications for the fourth edition of the Gallerist Programme running from November 2015 to July 2016.

Gallerist Programme
The Gallerist Programme is a professional development programme for young art professionals aspiring to work in the gallery field. The programme was initiated in 2012, and combines de Appel arts centre’s expertise in organising its Curatorial Programme since 1994, with the Fair Gallery’s initiative to examine and create new forms of collaboration between galleries in an increasingly expanded field of operation. The Gallerist Programme is founded on the principle that the relationship between gallerist and artist is the gallery’s principal capital and the driving force of its operations. 

The Gallerist Programme consists of several intense sessions filled with workshops, lectures, seminars, studio visits and encounters with international gallerists and other art professionals. It expands on trajectories, methodologies and ideas specific to “trade,” which are not covered and perhaps even neglected within academic and experimental curatorial programmes that focus on the “public” side of art. The sessions take place in nine months at different locations around the globe, occasionally linked to events such as art fairs and gallery weekends. Previous sessions have taken place in Amsterdam, Basel, Hong Kong, London, Paris, São Paulo and Warsaw. 

Each session focuses on different issues, such as “the gallery as a living archive,” “dealing with performance,” “collecting from public to private and vice versa,” or “the current position of midscale galleries.” Throughout the programme, de Appel arts centre provides the guidance and framework through which the participants can investigate specific research topics. The curriculum takes into account the critical balance between the artistic and business objectives that the gallerist will be confronted with. It will offer case-studies of exceptional gallery exhibitions from past to present; it will reflect on the nature of relationships with artists, collectors, institutions and notions of success and failure both from an artistic and business point of view; furthermore it includes courses dealing with the administrative practicalities which are the backbone of a gallery’s operations.

Final project
Each year, the programme culminates in a final project at LISTE Art Fair Basel, where the participants team up to create a booth for a temporary gallery. LISTE, an important partner of the Gallerist Programme, is the leading international art fair for young gallery owners, and takes place annually alongside Art Basel. 

Who can apply? 
The Gallerist Programme starts in November 2015 and admits a maximum of 10 participants. The selection of the candidates will take place in September 2015 with deadline for application 11 July 2015. de Appel arts centre and the Fair Gallery are interested in candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences. A successful candidate has some preliminary experience working and engaging in the art field. The programme is also intended for individuals who have not yet anchored themselves in the commercial field, but are curious in investigating its ramifications. 

How to apply?
The deadline for application is 11 July 2015. We encourage applicants to apply with a specific research topic or issue in mind. For more information concerning the application process, please refer to de Appel arts centre.

de Appel arts centre is an internationally orientated arts centre located in Amsterdam. Since 1975 it has functioned as a site for the research and presentation of contemporary visual art through exhibitions, publications and discursive events. Since 1994 de Appel has hosted a nine-month-long Curatorial Programme. 

The Fair Gallery is a collaboration between four international galleries (gb agency, Paris; Hollybush Gardens, London; Jan Mot, Brussels, Raster, Warsaw). With its artistic choices and its specific programme, the Fair Gallery experiments with the potential and the limits for a new format of galleries, while investigating opportunities for collaboration.

Advisory committee: 
Peter Blaüer (director, LISTE)
Jennifer Flay (director, FIAC)
Annet Gelink (director Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam)
Teresa Gleadowe (curator, writer and editor)
Amadeo Kraupa-Tuskany (director Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin)
Zhang Wei (director Vitamin Creative Space, Beijing)

Deadline: 11 July 2015
Start programme: November 2015

de Appel arts centre
Prins Hendrikkade 142
1011 AT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T +31 20 625 5651


The 2015 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts can accept last-minute applications

It’s the end of July, beginning of August: nothing happens, galleries are closed, everyone seems to be on vacation. Not so in Salzburg. Escape the hot cities, enjoy the fresh air and dedicate yourself to your own artistic practice. We can offer a large variety of topics and media. Suggestions see below. Ensure your place at the Summer Academy and send us your application here.

Doug Ashford
What is ‘the human’? What distinguishes man from animal or from machine? What are the specific options open to human conduct, and how can these be considered through art? In this course, the renowned artist, writer and founder of New York artists’ collective Group Material encourages a speculative and nonlinear body of collaborative artistic research and practice, that aims to expand definitions of human life, bodies, and politics as experienced by class participants. Key in the students’ work will be designing proposals that challenge the received expectations and qualities of ‘humanness’ as it is defined by the present.
Duration: 17–29 August 2015
Fee: € 680.- (reduced € 520.-)
Further details

Ben Katchor
How can comics be presented or performed? In this course, outstanding New York cartoonist Ben Katchor will explore the worldwide traditions of illustration and comics in performance. Projects will include narrated slideshows, narrated panoramic drawings, and toy theatre construction and performance. In a series of exercises, students will compose their own texts, and then expand upon those texts through drawings that address object and spatial description.
Duration: 20–25 July 2015
Fee: € 440.- (reduced € 360.-)
Further details

Marc Monzó
The Big Bang as the starting-point for jewellery objects – this is the idea that jewellery artist Marc Monzó from Barcelona will pursue with his students. The current level of knowledge is that everything that exists – including ourselves – is a fragment of the unity which exploded, and which has somehow always been there. Participants’ work should express their own relation to the beginning of the universe. Particular attention will be paid to fine-tuning certain jewellery-making techniques which will enable participants to convey their message precisely.
Duration: 03–22 August 2015
Fee: € 920.- (reduced € 680.-)
Further details

Nora Schultz
Nora Schultz takes the story of a man who lived for twenty years in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris because he had lost his identity documents as background for a course devoted to sculptural production. You probably remember the film ‘Terminal’ by Steven Spielberg which is based loosely on this true story. The Terminal serves as a metaphor. The connection with theoretical, scientific models, with fictional or filmic narratives and other artistic works is just as relevant as the question of how ‘immediate reality’ can be integrated into artistic work.
Duration: 10–29 August 2015
Fee: € 920.- (reduced € 680.-)
Further details

Further information on the entire programme
Regular application
All prospective participants must apply for acceptance. On the basis of the submitted dossier, the teachers select participants. The fees are between € 440.- and € 1,160.-, depending on the duration of the course. Students are entitled to a reduced fee. All applications are welcome, and will be processed in the order received, according to vacancies in the courses.

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Franziskanergasse 5a
5020 Salzburg
Gabriele Winter
Phone: +43 662 842113

Herbert Bauer – Einladung zur Kunstauktion

Herbert Bauer, Mitglied des Vereins Biennale Austria unterstützt seit Jahren die Kunstauktionen des Vereins “Schule Äthiopien”.

Dieses Jahr stellt Herbert Bauer seine Graphitstift Zeichnung “UDO JÜRGENS 3″, Unikat, 30x21cm, 2014 aus der Serie “REALES &SURREALES” für diese Auktion zu Verfügung.

Dieses Jahr findet die Kunstauktion in Wien statt. Der Erlös kommt dem Bau der Haro Berbabo Schule im Hochland von Äthiopien zugute, die vom Verein “Schule Äthiopien” finanziert und von Menschen für Menschen, Karlheinz Böhms Äthiopienhilfe errichtet wird.

Die Auktion findet am

Mittwoch 17. Juni 2015, 18 Uhr

Postsparkasse, Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1010 Wien statt.

Besichtigung der Bilder: 16. Juni von 8 – 17 Uhr und 17. Juni von 8 – 18 Uhr

Auktionator: Otto Hans Ressler

Musikalische Einbegleitung: Anais Tamisier, Violine und Barbara Palma, Viola

Nähere Informationen: Peter Krasser, Tel: 0699/11884444,

Vorab-Gebote sind auch Email und per Fax möglich.

Der gesamte Auktions-Katalog befindet sich online unter und


Udo Jürgens 3

Herbert Bauer, UDO JÜRGENS 3, Graphitstift Zeichnung,Unikat, 30x21cm, 2014 aus der Serie “REALES &SURREALES”




Vom 29. bis 31. Mai 2015 findet die CONTEMPORARY ART RUHR im Welterbe Zollverein in Essen statt.

ELISABETH RASS ist eine der 15 C.A.R. Talente die dieses Jahr von der Jury ausgewählt wurden sich im SANAA-Gebäude zu präsentieren.

Sie zeigt den Zyklus “THE ART OF WAR”, der 1993 während eines Theaterspektakels entstanden, 2012 veröffentlicht und erstmalig als Foto-Abzug unter Acrylglas auf Alu-Dibond hier auf der Contemporary Art Ruhr gezeigt wird.

Die Fotos wurden mit einer Canon EOS 1000 ohne Blitzlicht “geschossen” und nachträglich nicht digital bearbeitet.


Gelsenkirchener Straße 209, Essen, Deutschland

Eröffnung: Freitag 29. Mai 2015, ab 20 Uhr

Messetage: Samstag, 30. Mai sowie Sonntag 31. Mai von 11 bis 19 Uhr



Elisabeth Rass, THE ART OF WAR

Reminder – DIEGO VALENTINUZZI – personale

At Palazzo del Consiglio Regionale, Piazza Oberdan 6, Trieste, Italy the solo exhibition “SEGNI SOGNI COLORI” by DIEGO VALENTINUZZI will be shown from May 26 – June 19, 2015 .

Curator: Cristina Feresin

Opening: May 26, 2015, 1.30pm

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm, Friday 9.30am to 1.00pm

A catalog of the exhibition will be published.


Copertina catalogo per Diego_07

Cover Catalog



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