Celeste prize – Awards ceremony at Assab One

celeste prize 2014The awards ceremony of Celeste Prize 2014 is taking place at Assab One, Milan, on Saturday 15 November, and includes a programme of performances, talks, screenings and artists‘ presentations.

Celeste introduces this year an ‚open jury session‘, conceived as a moment of collective learning and sharing of knowledge. Current artistic directors of the prizes, Lorenzo Benedetti and Elena Sorokina, and a group of curators and artists will talk about their experiences, comment on the finalist works and dialogue with finalists.

Initially conceived as a trans-geographic online network, Celeste’s mission is to offer a platform of visibility for emerging and mid-career artists working outside the institutional context. Celeste serves as an active mediator between artists and curators, presenting and contextualizing artists‘ projects and introducing curators to new artistic practices. Participation by artists in an open call is a democratic and vital strategy of Celeste. There are no limitations on age, geography or medium.

Celeste Prize, which is held every year, is based on a unique collaboration between artists and curators. Artists play a crucial role in the prize, selecting the actual winner in the second stage of the selection process. In the first stage, an international panel of invited curators vote independently from each other, selecting works and projects to be shortlisted. All choices by each curator are visible online. The shortlisted artists are invited to exhibit their work in the final exhibition, where they vote for the final winners in each category.

Celeste Prize jury (International): Elena Sorokina, Antonia Alampi, Natasa Petresin Bachelez, Daniele Balit, Daria de Beauvais, Jelle Bouwhuis, Andrea Bruciati, Katerina Chuchalina, Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, N’Goné Fall, Andrew Hunt, Mélanie Mermod, Solvej Helweg Ovesen, Oscar Roldàn-Alzate, Pedro Vélez.

Premio Celeste jury (Italy): Lorenzo Benedetti, Lorenzo Bruni, Cecilia Casorati, Stefano Chiodi, Daniele De Luigi, Adrienne Drake, Daria Filardo, Pietro Gaglianò, Ilaria Gianni, Chiara Pirozzi, Silvano Manganaro, Lisa Pedicino.

Awards-day programme, 15 November:
2pm – Soft opening.
4-6pm – Finalists‘ performances.
6pm – ‚Open jury session‘, a public discussion with Elena Sorokina and Lorenzo Benedetti.
7.30pm – Awards ceremony and benefits.

Full info:

View Celeste Prize 2014 finalist works:

View Premio Celeste 2014 finalist works:

86 works and projects on show, performances, catalogue copies are free.

The exhibition continues until 23 November at ASSAB-ONE, via Assab 1, Milan, Italy.
Opening times: 15 November 2>10pm, 16 November 11am>6.30pm; 17-22 November 3>7pm; 23 November 11am>1pm.

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