Call for papers at the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI), University of Auckland

The 2nd International Award for Public Art (IAPA) exhibition and conference
30 June–4 July 2015 

Registration opens: 10 February 2015
Abstract submission deadline: 30 March 2015

Elam School of Fine Arts at The National Institute of Creative Arts & Industries (NICAI), University of Auckland, New Zealand; and Shandong University of Art & Design (SUAD), People’s Republic of China, welcome proposals for academic presentations for the „Cities in a Climate of Change: Public Art and Environmental and Social Ecologies“ conference. 
The conference seeks to activate an expanded understanding of public art and urban place-making practices. The organizers intend to provoke dialogue amongst experts from a broad range of fields including art, performance, architecture, urban planning, design, social science, public health and climate-change science amongst other disciplines.

Presentations should address the expanded field of public art and place-making urban improvement/ development practices proposed in the conference theme and respond to one or more of the propositions listed below:
– Provocation
– Diversification
– Participation
– Agitation
– Cohesion
– Identification
– Transformation

In keeping with a focus on the issues raised by ideas and practices of public art and place-making activities in regard to positive environmental and social change, the University of Auckland and Shandong University of Art & Design welcome a wide range of presentation modes and/or activities. These include proposals for:

– Academic papers including conference sessions (20–30 minutes duration)
– Studio activities
– Workshops (of no more than two hours duration and accompanied by a clear description of the resources required, including the type of space most conducive to intended outcomes)

Proposals are welcome from individual and group presenters.

Application and selection procedure
For further information on the conference and the International Award for Public Art, please click here
Selection of presentations for the program will be made by a panel, led by the University of Auckland and Shandong University of Art & Design. Both written papers and workshop/studio presentations will be considered for a peer-reviewed publication of selected conference proceedings.

Registration opens on 10 February.
Abstract submissions are due 30 March.
Early-bird registrations closes on 30 April.

National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI)
The University of Auckland
Engineering Building
20 Symonds Street
New Zealand

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