Fondazione Studio Marangoni and Celeste Network are pleased to invite you

4th edition of Visible White Photo Prize, is an open call for photographic works which explores the varied and fragmented experiences we have in relation to the family.

Curated by Francesca Fabiani and Paul di Felice
Selection of finalist works and projects by Peggy Sue Amison, Christian Gattinoni and Elisa Medde.

Opening / Prizegiving 15th May at 6,30 pm
Exhibition dates: May 15 _ June 06, 2015
Gallery opening hours: Monday to Saturday 3pm to 7pm or by appointment
fsmgallery – via San Zanobi 19r, Firenze
Tel. +39 055 481106 / +39 055 280368

“Since Edward Steichen’s exhibition The Family of Man in 1955, the notion of ‘family’ has changed radically. The images Steichen chose carried the values of a closed and human rural community, far away from today’s globalized ethic and aesthetic visions. In the 1980s and 1990s the humanist idea of the family was being replaced by a varied and fragmented conception of representing the world through many postmodern exhibitions. The advent of digital technology, the placing on the market of easy-to-use devices such as smartphones and tablets, combined with the proliferation of social networks, have literally transformed ways of communication, experience of reality, self-representation and representation of individuals and communities.
The home environment and the ‘family’ are not exempt from these changes, rather, in virtue of the change in their social significance, they have assimilated these new ways of communicating and of generating new iconography. In the context of post-human society, of genetic manipulation and cyber-culture, many photographs today question the status of the body, of the individual and the group, by reinterpreting the different genres and human themes in an experimental photographic manner.
In the light of these revolutions, the proposed theme ‘Familydom’ after last year’s more ‘self’-oriented ‘You See Me’, aims to investigate the ‘social’ impact of photography and the crucial role it assumes in the ‘certification’ of identity and understanding (or compromise?) of the real in relation to virtual, fictional and imaginary family issues.”

Finalists Visible White Projects
• Marcela Paniak, Draft Book, Poland
• Natalia Wiernik, The Protagonists, Poland
• Heather McDonough, Relative Distance, United Kingdom
• Monika Merva, Origins, United States
• Nancy Borowick, Cancer Family, Ongoing, United States
• Linda de’Nobili, the temporary home, Italy
• Akiko Takizawa, Where We Belong , United Kingdom
• Diego Saldiva, Break Of Day, Switzerland
• Fausto Podavini, MiRelLa, Italy
• Luigi Poiaghi, ombre, Italy

Finalists Visible White Works

• Anna Krieps, Family Picnic, Switzerland
• Monika Merva, Doki, 2009, United States
• Renato Araújo, Where?, Brazil
• Cecilia, The Dormant Image, Mexico
• Lorenzo Palombini, Desperate housewife, Italy

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