Govert van Wijnkade 52, Maassluis, Netherlands

3.– 25. OCTOBER 2015

Opening: October 3, 2015 at 2 pm

Opening by David van der Houwen, Alderman Municipality Maasluis

part of the exhibition THE MAP 72 dpi


Sixteen member artists of BIENNALE AUSTRIA association will present on occasion of THE MAP exhibition all together 80 art works.

For this exhibition artworks in DIN A4 format have been created by the artists.



HERBERT BAUER, Austria: He deals artistically since years in his works with the fantastic realism respectively surrealism.

BIKKEL, Netherlands: BIKKEL’s work comes straight from the heart. It is a direct, artistic reaction to things in her personal life that touch her deeply.

JÜRGEN BLEY, Austria: His gloomy figures and apocalyptic scenes in his surreal images want to make the morbid inconceivable visible.

LIESBETH VAN GINNEKEN, Netherlands: She is a versatile artist who realizes unique works of art with vigor and focus.

GERLINDE KOSINA, Austria: Her paintings are reflecting impressions-express experiences and things.

REGINA MERTA, Austria: The confrontation with the strength of spirit, the delicacy of the soul and the warmth of love are all expressed in her creative, expressive, dynamic and versatile artworks.

CHRISTOPH WALTER PIRKER, Austria: The work with drawing and painting in the artistic work process has played a major role at all times.

MARK POL, Netherlands: His work is in essence inspired by daily human life, without losing its vulnerability and the animal unpredictability.

NICOLA QUICI, Italy/Germany: The artist Nicola Quici connects as modern artist classical elements of an expressive coloration with compositions of a unique way to a dynamic statement.

ELISABETH RASS, Austria: For her, photography is a way to show states, grievances, beauty, everyday occurrences and extraordinary in a different light or perspective.

ROBERT RICHARDSON, Great Britain: In recent years, he has concentrated on photography, but also works across various media: concrete poetry, typography, graphics, installations and video installations.

HANNA SCHERIAU, Austria: Around 2000, she discovered the medium SILK for her images and developed a completely new way of painting, the so called “Experimental painting on silk“.

BERNHARD SCHINKO, Austria: Free, abstract, expressive… just modern, nothing boring – that’s his way of creating arts!

HERWIG MARIA STARK, Austria: His artistic work is based on the human being, especially the „interpretation“ of the human face with its boundless, multiple and multifaceted expressions and forms, which make the inner life of man visible. Painting is his way to talk to and communicate with the world.

PAUL TIILILÄ, Finland: Paul Tiililä started his artistic work by creating monotypes. In consequence his artistic work leaded him into creating collages by using mixed media. Special surfaces like corrugated roof iron; spray paints and special surfaces mark his artistic oeuvre. Since 2004 he paints his works on the computer and became that way the first digital artist of Finland.

DIEGO VALENTINUZZI, Italy: All of his artistic works of 30 years represent a visionary reflection in his progression towards symbols and allusions where his works define themselves as a level of meditation. Through this his works seem to imitate the classical artwork and unveil in certain cases a not accidentally numerology in a decorative synthesis.



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