Vertical Walking by ROMBOUT Frieling lab at InParadiso art space

16th – 25th September 2016

In occasion of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, InParadiso art gallery will host from 16th to 25th September the prototype Vertical Walking (Netherlands).


The price of urban land is skyrocketing. And another 3 billion people are expected to live in cities: we will be forced to exploit vertical space: More and taller towers, the use of attics and roofs: we need to get up high.

Yet, our populations are ageing and staircases become major bottlenecks, while being unattractive at greater heights for all . Lifts are rarely a good alternative as they rely on significant external power, they deprive us from daily exercise and are expensive and intrusive to install.

Vertical Walking is a new proposal to move ourselves between floors in a building. Exploiting the potential of the human body and materials, less than 10% of the effort is required, compared to taking stairs. No external energy is needed. This prototype has been succesfully tested by a wide range of users, including MS suffering Angelica, Nigerian amputee Abiodun as well as young office tower workers who found it ‘incredibly cool’.

It is the ambition to develop this experimental prototype into solutions that can help them, and all of us, to move harmoniously through our vertical habitats of the future. 

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