BIENNALE AUSTRIA association presents from April 8 – April 28, 2017 at Galerija AB, ul. Viteska 22, 742050 Maglaj, Bosnia & Herzegovina on occasion of the exhibition „For the art is a daughter of freedom“ positions from 9 artists from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, USA and Austria on Friedrich Schiller’s Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man, 1795, 2nd Letter.


Collage (Breitenbach, Cross, Fischer, Hiddemann-Holthoff, Kosina, Rass, Schinko, Soberon, Stark) – Denn die Kunst ist eine Tochter der Freiheit – BA Ausstellung in der Galerija AB, Maglaj,


In this exhibition, both the „call for freedom“ as a basic necessity, the environmental impact of „freedom without conscience“, the „struggle for freedom“ and its invisible scars which arise from the question of how far art is free from dubious, from the past adopted legal provisions.

Another aspect is how far a valiant, personal extension of the reality of art can be freed from the limitations of the self-transformation of the individual to the existential basis of life of self-determination.

How far Friedrich Schiller’s letters on the aesthetic education of man are even today of the utmost importance, are shown by the current cultural-socio-political events.



Galerija AB

ul. Viteska 22, 742050 Maglaj

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Opening: April 8, 2017 at 6pm

Welcome: Mirsad Mahmutagic, Mayor of Maglaj

Introductory words: Elisabeth Rass and Herwig Maria Stark, Biennale Austria association

Opening: Embassy Counselor Dr. Wolfgang Thill, Austrian Embassy


Exhibition duration: 8 – 28 April 2017

Exhibiting artists:

Kristina Breitenbach (D) | Lorraine Cross (IR) Kelly Fischer (USA) | Claudia Hiddemann-Holthoff (D) Gerlinde Kosina (A) | Elisabeth Rass (A) | Bernhard Schinko (A) | Koen Soberon (B) | Herwig Maria Stark (A)

Exhibition location:

The „Galerija AB“ – art gallery and studio – was founded in 2009 by Prof. Halil Tikves and Prof. Admira Bradaric in ul. Viteska 22, in Maglaj.

The „Galerija AB“ in Maglaj is today a center of contemporary art in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to the selected exhibition program and a wide range of seminars and courses.

Information about the exhibition

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