Ernst Fischer at the Grazer Kunstverein / 29 June 2017

The Grazer Kunstverein is delighted to announce a half-day conference dedicated to exploring the legacy of Ernst Fischer. The guiding leitmotif of the Grazer Kunstverein for 2017 is ‘The Necessity of Art’ – inspired by Ernst Fischer’s 1959 publication titled ‘The Necessity of Art – A Marxist Approach’. The year-long artistic programme of new commissions and research is guided by Fischer’s claim that art is not only necessary in order to make it possible for humanity to recognise and change the world, but that art is also necessary by virtue of the magic inherent within it.

Developed in conversation with Verein Prenninger Gespräche, Prenning, Deutschfeistritz, the conference aims to bring together some key thinkers to open up, articulate and explore the artistic legacy and contemporary relevance of Ernst Fischer in the world today.

Refreshments will be served and snacks will be available to purchase from Fink’s on the day. Capacity is limited so please register should you wish to attend, in order to ensure a place:


3pm: Brief introduction and welcome
(in English and German)

3:30pm: Talk by Marina Fischer-Kowalski
(in English and German)

4:30pm: Group presentation by Anousheh Kehar, Budour Khalil, Kassandra Kyriazis, Tamara Novkovic, Lung Peng, Amela Rendic, and Diana Raluca Vesa with Dubravka Sekulić, IZK/TU Graz (in English)

5pm: Break with snacks by Fink’s

5:30pm: Lecture by Eugen Gross: ‘Art in the focus of time’ (in German with English transcription)

7pm: Book presentation by CLIO: Association for History and Education, with Heimo Halbrainer, Ludwig Hartinger and Karl Wimmler (in German)

8:30pm: Reception with drinks by Fink’s


Marina Fischer-Kowalski
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marina Fischer-Kowalski is the founder and long-term director of the Institute of Social Ecology, Professor of Social Ecology at Alpen Adria University, Senior Lecturer at the University of Vienna, PhD in sociology, University of Vienna. She will her father, Ernst Fischer, as a person, and the influence of his ideas on her own career and trajectory.

Dubravka Sekulić and students from IZK TU Graz
The Grazer Kunstverein has been collaborating with BA architecture students from the IZK (Institute for Contemporary Art, Graz) on a seminar group led by Dubravka Sekulić, working through the concept of how to build, maintain and/or host a library from a critical perspective. This presentation marks the culmination of the project, with short input from Anousheh Kehar, Budour Khalil, Kassandra Kyriazis, Tamara Novkovic, Lung Peng, Amela Rendic, and Diana Raluca Vesa.

Eugen Gross
Eugen Gross is an architect, architectural theorist, and author. In 1960 he was a founding member of WERKGRUPPE GRAZ and has since been active teaching, writing, publishing and planning. His lecture titled ‘Art in the focus of time’ looks at the artistic ideas of Ernst Fischer from the perspective of an architect, in the frame of catastrophe, experiment and transformation in art.

CLIO: Association for History and Education
CLIO recently published ‘Ernst Fischer, Neue Kunst und neue Menschen. Literarische und essayistische Texte aus seinen Grazer Jahren (1918–1927)’ by Jürgen Egyptien. Historian, author, and head of CLIO, Dr. Heimo Halbrainer will be joined by translator, writer and editor Ludwig Hartinger and writer Karl Wimmler for the book presentation and reading.

Fiona Hallinan
Food and refreshments on the day will be provided by Fiona Hallinan as part of her on-going artwork Fink’s here at the Grazer Kunstverein. Fink’s is a library of tastes. Set in the reception area of the gallery, it is an ongoing, collaborative artwork that works developed in conversation with the many producers, makers and growers of Graz and the surrounding area.
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