Open Call – Hundred shades of PINK


Hundred shades of PINK

If you deal with the color PINK or ROSA, you stumble on the translation, because the German term “ROSA“ is called „PINK“ in English.

One of the most controversial colors of the present was the preferred color in men’s fashion until the interwar period of the last century. For example, the „little brother of the color red“ appeared in the twenties of the last century, the appropriate color for boys fashion. ROSA was not regarded as feminine or weak at that time, but as a weakened red, symbolizing blood, war and power.

Only through the new class of „workers“ in their blue workers clothing the color ROSA or PINK was forced to swap the gender and advanced to the pure girl color with the attributes – weak, feminine, lovely.

Pantone’s World of colors includes hundreds of shades of PINK, such as the CREAM PINK, CRADLE PINK, IMPATIENS PINK, PINK YARROW, CANDY PINK, or PINK LAVENDER, just to name a few nuances. It shows how multifaceted the color PINK is represented in our everyday life.

As a political color, ROSA has been the color of homosexuals since World War II and the PINK ribbon is the symbol of the campaign against Breast cancer.

The „HUNDRED SHADES OF PINK“ are wonderful, lively, messy, misplaced, stormy, captivating, and the spirit and body-stimulating colors that boldly and tempestuously demand our attention. (Elisabeth Rass, 2017)


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