THE HAPPENING – exhibition Galerie Art Pool Vienna

Opening exhibition 2018 of Galerie Art Pool Vienna presenting the following artists: Daisy Gold, Momo Höflinger, Elisabeth Rass, Herwig Maria Stark, Manfredo Weihs.

In this exhibition we don’t travel back to the 1960s and no objects are thrown, but the Galerie Art Pool Vienna opens the exhibition year 2018 with an exhibition of works by Daisy Gold, Momo Höflinger, Elisabeth Rass, Herwig Maria Stark and Manfredo Weihs.

Opening: January 30, 2018, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Galerie Art Pool Vienna
Markgraf-Rüdiger-Strasse 13
1150 Vienna, Austria


Duration of the exhibition: till February 10, 2018
Opening hours: WED – FRI 2 p.m. – 7 p.m., SAT 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Short information about the artists:

DAISY GOLD, graphic designer, illustrator and painter from Munich. She studied at the Graphic Academy in Munich and works for many years as an illustrator and graphic designer. Since 2011 she is working as a visual artist in the field of oil painting. Her picture cycles are versatile, fantastic and changeable. (

MOMO HÖFLINGER, photographer and painter from Vienna. Intensive employment and experimental examination of the two art forms painting and photography since the earliest youth. Her focus is put on the visualization of the inconspicuous things. (

ELISABETH RASS, photo artist from Vienna. For her, photography is a way to show states, grievances, beauty, everyday occurrences and extraordinary in a different light or perspective. Her works are represented in public collections in Italy, South Korea, USA and Austria. (

HERWIG MARIA STARK, artist and fashion designer from Salzburg. He studied fashion design in Vienna and Florence and was awarded with the Austrian State Prize for the best Design in 1996. As a visual artist he puts his focus on the essential „behind the surface“. His works have been awarded several times internationally and are represented in international collections. (

MANFREDO WEIHS, Austria. Photography is his life and he learned it from scratch. During many years working as a press photographer, he also used the camera as an experimental tool. His experimental work shows a great technical know-how and a lot of attention to details. (


The exhibition is a project of Galerie Art Pool Vienna (member gallery of BIENNALE AUSTRIA) presenting artists of BIENNALE AUSTRIA association.

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