OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS / Vienna Calling II / All you need is Love


Vienna Calling II „All you need is love“

An Atelier Coolpool and ArtCan Group Exhibition 

featuring 30-35 international and Austrian artists in Vienna, located at Galerie Art Pool Vienna.

Exhibition Run: September 25th – October 9th 2020

Application form closes: April 22th 2020


The artist Manfredo Weihs, member of ArtCan and co-founder of Atelier Coolpool is curating the exhibition.


After the great success of the group exhibition Vienna Calling 2018 in Vienna, a continuation in 2020 of Vienna Calling with the theme „All you need is love“ is planned.

The Name Vienna Calling is a song title by the Viennese singer Falco, who sadly died way too early.

We chose this title in 2018 for the 20th anniversary of his death and made his song and his person an exhibition theme.

The continuation „Vienna Calling II“ with the exhibition theme of a Beatles song „All you need is Love“ is not only a friendship message for our artist colleagues from ArtCan in London, but also to the whole world, in this, the Beatles‘ 60th year anniversary.

Art knows no borders, the exchange of art and their collective communities will not be influenced or prevented by politics or religion. Not only does the Atelier Coolpool support this idea, we also live it.

The topic “All you need is love” should also set an example. We are currently living in a time when hate posting and fake news meet us on the Internet, getting to know each other is becoming increasingly difficult. The digital world seems to have us under its full control. We are artists, we want to meet, chat, stimulate, talk, encourage, wake up, fuck, drink, move and work with each other, create communities and forge networks and we must use the internet for this!


This is an exhibition opportunity for 30 – 35 ArtCan members and Austrian / local artists from the fields of painting, drawing, photography and sculpture to participate in the joint exhibition “Vienna Calling II” at Galerie Art Pool Vienna.





Best regards

Kate, Daisy and Manfredo

Kate Enters, Founder & Director ArtCan

Daisy Gold & Manfredo Weihs, Atelier Coolpool


ArtCan: – London / United Kingdom | Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KateEnters @artcanorg |


The Gallery – Vienna / Austria: | Facebook and Instagram @ateliercoolpool |

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