Agnieszka Ceccarelli

Agnieszka Ceccarelli was born and raised in Poland. Currently she lives in Rome/Italy, where she took up painting as a full-time job.

“Agnieszka can be classified in one category, in a precise kind. Her work continues progressing in order to satisfy her states of mind, her inspirations and improvisations which go from the figurative art to the revisited conceptual one through geometrical unstructured and figurative variations that naturally go to the unconscious. She is unable to impose a direction.

Freedom and choice of styles in her work become her best remarks, she is so careful towards beauty of the universe by imaging things beyond reality.

When we get close to Agnieszka Ceccarelli works we focus our attention on certain elements:

The first one is her inexhaustible desire to test pictorial techniques and ways to take on creation through color. It is interesting to notice that her last collection represents an attempt to use common places, transfiguring them to discover an artistic implication of space and her implications in the way of immediately perceiving life beyond reality.

Her creations are expressing an unsettled world which is thirsty and half visible and half invisible like most of the material world. In some measure, they can get close to what makes a romantic, or perhaps new-romantic, vision of the artists soul, naturally with all postmodern facts involved. Moreover, she gives freedom of expression and desire of ones individuality with a certain exacerbation. But she is even more. We are talking about her anxiety which is included in immateriality and sets metaphysical meanings of the artistic object.


Her images have a steady flow, an unfinished element that we meet in her abstract or informal painting, even if the released atmosphere is different. There is a dynamic or an affectingly form in a continual transformation, a change capturing the spectator in a dreamlike dimension.

There is really a part, which is her haste in joining spiritual essences, primary answers from a spiritual dimension and from the continuous flow between material and spiritual lines. We are seduced by the internal dynamics of images.

The Artist gives form to human shapes and figures and it almost seems she shouts them out.

She fuses them in a universe constantly developing, a mysterious universe.“

(Maria Grazia Todaro 8-06-2016)

Exhibitions (selection):
2016 – exhibition „proprio qui” – CENTRO CULTURALE ZEROUNO, under the patronage of the Foundation Giuseppe De Nittis, Barletta, Italy
2016 – LIVE BERGAMO – LO Gallery, Bergamo, Italy
2016 – Contemporary art exhibition BLU at San Nicolao Church, Bellano, Como Lake, Italy
2016 – II edition of contemporary art prize „M.F. Eventi“ at Spazio MACSI, Rome, Italy
2016 – Flyer Art Gallery, Rome, Italy
2016 – Galerie MARZIA FROZEN, Berlin, Germany


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