Andrea Jones

„I would define my work as fantasy realism, but I like to call it alternative whimsy. Imaginative forms reaching out into the world of entertaining tales and delightful myths. My art is full of high-spirited fantasy and energetic inspiration and viewers can discover many hidden themes and imagery.

Andrea Jones, BERTIE, mixed media on canvas, 61 x 61 cm

In my work, I think that everyone can find something interesting.

I usually try to transform my ideas into happy and sometimes festive stories. 

We all know life can be difficult, so my goal is to make it better for people. 

Every painting tells an interesting story. 

I use some repetitive symbols like birds, fish, faces and eyes. Birds and fish most certainly represent freedom, which is my biggest motivation. Eyes are spiritual. 

One of my icons is a jubilant blooming, growing planter that represents happiness from life.

The joy of music that people can identify with and find their own inspiration. 

Jubilant, joyful, high-spirited, energetic, happy, entertaining, festive, delightful would be a quick description of my work.”

My artwork is a reminder that we should face life challenges with a smile. (Andrea Jones)


Artist Andrea Jones paints colorful, whimsical folk-style images that celebrate the multicultural fabric of our modern world.

Inspired by the rich Slovak traditions and colorful folk art of her homeland, Andrea combines bold colors, abstract shapes, ornamental flourishes, folk themes, and detailed imagery to create lyrical compositions defined by undulating lines, geometric patterns, and free flowing forms.

From a distance, each acrylic and ink painting look like geometrical abstract image, but upon closer examination, one can clearly see detailed figurative forms that dance across the canvas.

In her paintings, Andrea orchestrates an assortment of characters who come to life, each with a story to tell, whether it is a narrative, a dreamlike vision, or a simple emotional statement.

What results is, as she says, “art that talks” and instantly captures our attention and imagination.

Here, we are invited to explore all the patterns and variations of nature, and how our individual lives intersect with these constructs of daily living.

Andrea explains her vision in her own words: “My art celebrates life and our ability to overcome even the most difficult obstacles with a smile, which can be hard, but it’s that perseverance that gives us a reason to celebrate when we ultimately triumph.”

Andrea currently lives and works in North Carolina.

Awards and Nominations:
2016 – US Figure Skating Championships Semifinalist Poster Exhibition NC, USA
2016 – American Art Awards, 3rd and 6th place Naive/Outsider/Other Category 

2014 – “Telerano” Slovak TV Morning Show Live Interview

Exhibitions (selection):
2017 – National Folk Festival, NC, USA
2017 – Tyler White O’Brien Gallery, NC, USA
2017 – Durham Art Walk Spring Market, NC, USA
2017 – Adka’s Magic World Solo, Piestany, SLOVAKIA
2017 – Reflections Art Program Judge for a local high school, NC, USA
2016 – Cumil’s Dream Solo, Fuz, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
2016 – All Things Birds and Beautiful, Historical Museum, Orca Island, WA, USA
2015 – Colors of Humanity Art Gallery Juried Online Artshow
2015 – Petr Brandl Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2015 – Le Coin Des Arts, Antibes, FRANCE
2015 – Art Deck’o Nouveau, NC, USA
2015 – Novomatic Forum, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2014 – Art Expo 2014, New York, USA
2014 – K Gallery Solo, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
2014 – Audi Exclusive Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
2014 – Art Expo 2014, Beijing, CHINA
2014 – River Gallery Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
2014 – Florence Design Week, ITALY
2014 – Montmartre Gallery Solo, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
2013 – Bridges 2013 Mathematical Art Exhibit, NE
2013 – Southern Museum of Art, Nevada, USA
2013 – Audi Exclusive Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
2013 – MOYA Vienna Showcase, Palais Schönborn, AUSTRIA
2013 – Art That Talks, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Andrea Jones, DEADLY SMILE, acrylic on canvas, 35 x 91 cm


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