Diego Valentinuzzi

Diego Valentinuzzi was born in 1953 in Monfalcone, where he currently lives and works; his artistic activity formed during the period 1974 to 1976 in Rome.

There he studied and worked closely with art and design studios, creating a large number of trompe l’oeil and decorations for american bars, clubs, cruise ships.
A key event was meeting with several owners of art galleries who promoted his works on TV, drawing attention to them throughout Northern Italy.

Exhibitions (selection)
2014 “Elusive” Museo Magma, Caserta, Italy
2014 “The Light of the Sea”, Gorizia Musei Provinciali
2013 “Ugo Cara” Museum of Modern Art, Triest, Italy
2013 Venezia 55. Biennale “Overplay”, Venezia, Italy
2012 “Flussi Contemporanei”, Milano ZonaK, Milano, Italy
2011 Trieste 11. Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea Palazzo Costanzi, Triest, Italy
2011 Venezia Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista Prebiennale Venezia, Italy
2010 Venezia Basilica S. Giovanni e Paolo “Affinita’ e Contrasti”, Italy
2010 “Selezione di Artisti del monfalconese a San Marco” Venezia, Italy
2009 Venezia 53. Biennale d‘ Arte Contemporanea „Blue Zone“eventi collaterali, Italy
2008 Padova personale antenne di sky ”le scelte di Diprè“, Padua, Italy
2007 Trieste 9a Biennale d’ Arte Giuliana Palazzo Costanzi, Triest, Italy
2007 Venezia 52. Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea, Venezia, Italy
2007 Ljubljana Svetovni Slovenski Kongres, Ljubljany, Slovenia
2005 Venezia San Zaccaria rassegna d’arte Nazionale forma e colore, Venezia, Italy
2004 Biennale Sharjah art Museum, United Arab Emirates
2004 Giappone personale Shibuya- ku, Japan
2001 Museo Centro Villa Breda, Padova, Italy
2000 personale Gallery Fabbrstone, Sydney Australia
1997 personale Gallery Stendhal, New York City, USA
1996 personale Scoletta di San Zaccaria, Venezia, Italy
1995 Biennale Internationale d’Arte Malta, Malta
1994 personale Gallery Artenuova, Turino, Italy
1993 Art Bordini Group, Tokyo, Japan
1990 Biennale d’Arte Sacra, Padova, Italy
1989 Art Expo, New York City, USA
1989 Inghilterra Cultural Artistic Meeting, London, GB
1988 personale, Gallery Dymo, Salzburg, Austria
1986 1. Udine Biennale, Udine, Italy
1986 personale, Cultural Artistic Center, Mexico City, Mexico

Photographic documentation and bibliography are stored at:
Archivio Biennale di Venezia, Palazzo Correr Resina (VE), Italy
Museo delle Arti, Palazzo Bandera Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy
Museo Mjstique, Isola di Malta, Malta
Museo Revoltella, Trieste, Italy


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