Hanna Scheriau

Hanna Scheriau (born in Vienna, 16.11.1942) studied dramatics at the University of Vienna giving priority to “scenery and costume” and she absolved Oskar Kokoschka`s legendary “School of Seeing”, the International Summer Academy Salzburg.

Only a few years ago the artist discovered the medium SILK for her paintings and she developed a completely new way of painting. Since then she is a free-lance artist living in Salzburg. 

The artistic work of Hanna Scheriau is an unknown kind of art, especially because of silk, a material that today cannot be found in the established scene of art. But silk is a medium for   painting since thousands of years and extremely durable, much more than canvas. On silk colour can flow completely differently than on paper and it has a special luminous power. The silk colours for artists are not a bit photo-sensitive and even contact with sunshine cannot impair these luminous colours. Each of the paintings of Hanna Scheriau is fresh and unique and cannot be copied because of it’s style and technique. 

There are exhibitions of the works of Hanna Scheriau in several countries of Europe, Asia and America, and she got awards in Italy, France, Russia and Germany. Her paintings are present in private and public collections, in several books about Contemporary Art and in Art Magazines. 


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