Herwig Maria Stark

The Austrian artist, who perceives himself as “not from here”, has the centre of his life since years in Vienna. This city with her active morbidity offers him enough stimulation for his artwork.

„He exhibits powerful portraits that completely fill the canvas and, in their schematic and strong physiognomy, seem to almost come out of the canvas in order to involve the viewer. Portraits that above all reveal the soul, profoundly marked by their existence. The colours are decisive and expressionistic, without the strokes being expressionist, but rather, markedly realistic, in contrast to the monochrome backgrounds that emphasize the hidden existentialism permeating these human “Masks”, statement of Prof. Dr. Giampaolo Trotta, curator and art-critic, Florence, Italy.

His works have been awarded several times and are present in numerous private collections.

“Art is “food for the soul” and though an essential factor for living”.(ER)




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