InParadiso Galeria

“In Paradiso” exhibition space, which opened on 9 June 2007 in conjunction with the 52 International Exhibition of Art, with the hyperrealist sculptures of Carole A. Feuerman, is the historical restaurant „Paradiso“, stopping place of refreshment, solace and meditation for renowned artists, including Klimt, Kandinsky, Picasso, Rodin, Warhol, located at the entrance of the Venice Biennale’s Gardens.

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Located in a town which is an inexhaustible storehouse of art and in co-operation with the cultural association Concilio Europeo dell’Arte, “In Paradiso” is a new pole of cultural activities with events of art, design, architecture, theatre, cinema and music.

It offers 300 sq. meters of facilities and 350 sq. meters of private garden, and a gorgeous roof looking onto the lagoon:

“In Paradiso” is an outstanding venue strategically located in a town dedicated to all forms of art and backdrop to events and shows of International importance. 200 sq. meters of roof overlooking the wonderful basin of St. Mark, where you can arrange refined receptions for private and social occasions, alfresco 350 sq. meters of private garden for enjoying a light and delicate lunch or a delicious cocktail while relaxing to the striking view of the lagoon and to the evocative sunset images.

“In Paradiso”, with its function rooms of 100 sq. Meters is the ideal place to meet and talk, the right showcase for people who want to present their idea and spread their own creative project.

The exhibition space can be used to organize important events, business meetings, banqueting and private dining functions.


Expositions Area InParadiso

Giardini della Biennale

Castello 1260, 30122 Venezia

t./f. +39 041 2413972

Concilio Europeo dell’Arte

President: Marina Bertoldini

Santa Croce 466/G, Venezia

t./f. +39 041 5236728

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