Koen Soberon

Born 1971 in Belgium.

In his conceptual art Soberon goes deep into the psyche and soul. He is searching for earthly, dialectical and transcendental substances within human nature. Furthermore he tries to maintain the balance in a dualistic manner.
Black against white, hard against soft, everything is put into perspective and is logically structured.
He creates a creative platform where suggestion encounters interpretation. It is a dialogue between maker and viewer.
No one has to be an art specialist to be able to understand Soberon work. Because of the natural flow and clear voice in his work the viewer is able to absorb the meaning from the first encounter. It offers an introspective analysis of the entire society.


Series “Untold stories”

With “Untold stories” the artist aims to involve the spectator in an interactive way and to let him reason about the items which inspire the artist.
Just as a mirror, Koen Soberon wants to give us a glance on the current social trends and realities, free from any prejudice of the viewer.
In other words, he offers us a neutral point of view, starting from which each person in his own velocity, sense and/or phantasy, can develop a “space” round the artists’ creation.
The spectator is triggered in a way which invites him to want to continue with this item, to do something with it. Action can be taken both physically and/or mentally.
This is photography which makes words or explanations almost redundantly.



2016 – Heartearth 2016, Medienwerkstatt Bethanien 10997 Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
2016 – Fish, culinary overfished, Projectspace of Group Global 3000 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.
2016 – Fab 2016 Utopia-Dystopia, Walcot chapel , Bath, United Kingdom.
2016 – ‚Beneath the surface‘, Gallery Hores , Sint Martens Latem, Belgium.
2016 – Platform#10, Leyden Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
2015 – Finalists Donckey Art Prize, Gallery76 , Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
2015 – Never ending story, Gallery Hores, Sint Martens Latem, Belgium.
2015 – Reconstruction of new identities, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy.
2015 – Painting of the year 2014, Coda museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands.
2014 – PAN Amsterdam, RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2014 – Untitled, Gallery Art Nou Mill.Leni, Barcelona, Spain.
2014 – BRAFA Brussel, Tour&Taxis – Brussel, Brussel, Belgium.

2015 – Golden palm: European Artistic Merit – European Artistic Merit, De Panne, Belgium
2015 – Finalist of the third edition of the Donkey Art Prize, Donkey Art Prize, Italy
2014 – Golden palm, European Artistic Merit, De Panne, Belgium
2014 – Finalist ‚Painting of the year 2014‘, Painting of the year Belgium, Belgium

Public art collection: Province East-Flanders, Gent, Belgium


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