““Nothing is as it seems to be, nothing seems to be as it is“ – this motto is the guideline for my photographic works like a red thread. I do understand photography not only in a classical way as a real picture of objects and situations, but as well as a search for the imagination behind.

Finally everything is transitory and subject to constant change. 


Marlen Peix, GENESIS OF LIVE, Photography

I am finding my motives in everyday life. Pretended incidental motives or as well insignificant ones will become abstract compositions of pictures, consisting of light, color or form by analog or digital technology used. 

Looking for very new aesthetics, I give seemingly banal things an additional dimension.” (Marlen Peix)


Marlen Peix, TELEPATHY, Intagliotypie

1950 – born in the Harz, Germany, living and working in Starnberg
1968-1971 – Graduation as a physiotherapist.
1994 – Starting with photography: for travel folders,
            Photography for “Leon Art”, a cultural supplement of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.
            Presently focusing on experimental photography.
2010 – Founder and leader of the integrative photography club “Die Fotowilden”.
2015-2016 – Curator of Temporärer Kunstsalon 5 in Starnberg

Marlen Peix, LADIES, Photography

2018 – Nominated for Tassilo Preis der Süddeutschen Zeitung
2015 – Grüner Wanninger, cultural award
2014 – Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, Agora Gallery, NY, USA
2009 – Second Price in the competition “Blue” of the magazine “Photographie”

2017 – Trierenberg Super Circuit, Luxury Edition XIII

Solo exhibitions, selection
2020 – Galerie ARTIFACT, New York City, USA
2016 – ernst und heiter (grave and cheerful), Temporärer Kunstsalon 5, Starnberg
2013 – scheinbar (‘beyond surfaces’), Gallery of the Munich-Starnberg Savings Bank
2011 – Works show, Mohr-Villa, Munich
2011 – In Motion, Pingyao, China
2011 – Abstract, Gallery Risse, Wessling

Marlen Peix, TWO FACETS OF NYC, Composing

Group exhibitions, selection:
2019 – „Nothing but art“ Palazzo Velli Expo, Roma, Italy
2019 – „Modern meets Baroque“, Kleines Schloss Türkheim, Germany
2018 – „Stay on Art“, Palazzo della Canzelleria Vatikana, Roma, Italy
2017 – Diversity, Yukyung Art Museum Geoje, South Korea
2017 – ARTMUC, International Art Fair, Munich
2017 – LA JOIE DE VIVRE; Centro D‘ Arte San Vidal, Venice
2017 – Salon de la Photography, Vienna, Austria
2016 – Carrousel de Louvre, PAKS Gallery, Paris, France
2015 – Plural Unique 2, NEXT Gallery, Piacenza, Italy
2015 – International Art Fair Austria Castle Neuberg, PAKS Gallery, Austria
2015 – Milan contemporary, Basilica S. Ambrogio, Jelmoni Gallery, Milano, Italy
2014 – International Fine Art Competition, Agora Gallery, New York
2012 – Green light, Halle 50, Domagk Ateliers, Munich
2012 – Bavaria Inside Out and Upside down – A local view”, Pingyao, China
2010 – Inside – Outside, International Summer Academy, Salzburg, Austria
2009 – Travel to far way places, Gallery of the airport of Munich
2008 – Tibetan Impressions, Gallery Treffpunkt, Ottobrunn

Curated several exhibitions in Munich and Starnberg Germany


Public: Arbeitsamt Starnberg (Germany), Museum Pingyao (China), Hongshanxi  Hotel Pingyao (China),  Munich-Starnberg Savings Bank, Yukyung Art Museum Geoje (South Korea).

Private collectors: various.


Adresse: Oberfeld 25, 82319 Starnberg, Deutschland
Tel:+49 8151 744 961
Mobile: +49 160 98995489



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