Mary Brilli

Mary Brilli, Turin-born and Paris lover is first of all a demanding and solitary artist. Her conscience cannot contemplate the artificial. Her painting appears to be simple but is actually very rich and intricate. This is the result of internal quiet and deep thoughts.

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She is her own „œuvre“, with her ideas and ideals, her love and her usual discontent.
Mary Brilli likes to vary her work styles: painting, sculptures, installations, drawings, works on silk, patchworks, creations for Hermès-Paris…
In her studio, she also uses to take her pen to write poetry or press articles, as she also works as a free-lance journalist (Member of the Association de la Presse Etrangère of Paris).

Two art books: „Portrait hors cadre“ and „Clin d’œil – Délire de soi(e) present her creations. Mary Brilli is also mentioned in many art publications, for instance Bénézit and Art Diary International…
Open minded as Italian are, she truly believes that anybody is free to judge her works, exposed in the public and private collections of the world – without her influencing one’s perception.
She has been living and working in Paris for several years.

Two of her last important exhibitions:
2014 Exhibition „ART en CAPITAL“
Grand Palais – Salon des Artistes Indépendants, Paris – France
 „Installazione Effimera Interattiva“
Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence – Italy.

Received the Biennale President’s award: the“Lorenzo il Magnifico“ medal.


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