Robert Richardson

Robert Richardson has exhibited widely in the UK, and works in a variety of visual media: concrete poetry, graphics, installations and video installations. In recent years, he has presented many exhibitions of photographs. In 2014, his photographs of Rome were shown at the University of Cambridge.

Thematically, his work is wide-ranging, although there is an emphasis on resistance to political and environmental oppression, and a celebration of freedom, playfulness and humour.

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His earlier work in photography was influenced by pop art, but he is now more concerned with street photography, relating, in a contemporary way, to the classic humanism of this genre.


In June 2015, he had a solo exhibition of concrete poetry and constructive art prints at Kunsthaus, Rehau, Germany: the gallery of Eugen Gomringer, who is known as the “father of concrete poetry.”
An engagement with constructive art has been a recent development in Robert Richardson’s practice. These vibrant artworks, created using a computer, are available to collectors as high quality prints.

An admirer of the Bauhaus, his work often presents the visual dynamics of Constructivism, and he believes in bringing art and life together.

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Recently his Bobz Cardz project has been included at print fairs in London, New York, Los Angeles and Rome.

In 2018, he will represented in a book about Leeds Postcards, a publisher of his work in the 1980s. He is also having a solo exhibition of photographs at a museum in Faro, Portugal.

He has work in collections of the Australian National Gallery and the British Museum, and in 2012 was included in, „Artists‘ Postcards: A Compendium“  (by Jeremy Cooper, Reaktion Books, London), alongside important artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol.


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