Soha Abou Hussein

Painter and video artist lives and works in Cairo/Egypt.

“I have been working as an artist since I graduated, I spend my life time, reading attending lectures and workshops, all about different kinds of art although I studied art at the American university but I guess learned more about art from practical life and through my exhibitions /nationally and internationally ones.

As a graphic designer the more projects I had realized, the more experiences I earned. To sum up, I appreciate any kind of art, and I could learn anything related to it quite early.” (Soha Abou Hussein)





She studied and graduated at the American University in Cairo and Digital Art at NABA in Milan/Italy.

Soha Abou Hussein, SOUNDS, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 360 cm

She meticulously embroiders the surface of her design and painting, sewing (a metaphor for women‘s work and an act eternally connected to notions of domesticity and femininity), she addresses the role of the women in society and seeks to dispel socially imposed stereotype.

At the outset of her career, she was exposed to growing up in Cairo, later expanding her scope to address the objectification of women throughout the world. The source for her heady imagery comes from daily changes.


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2000 – The University Conference – American University of Cairo
2009 – 11th Cairo Biennial
2009 – Roma Abstracta, International Abstract-Cinema-Festival, Roma, Italy

The Mediterranean International

Soha Abou Hussein, NO TITLE, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

2015 – Art Palace, Suez, Egypt
2014 – Patras Art Fair, Greece
2014 – National Art Gallery of the Cairo Opera House, Egypt
2012 – Caravan Festival, St. John’s Church Maadi Cairo, Egypt
2011 – Cairo Faces of Fayoum, Egypt
2010 – International forum for plastic arts, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
2009 – Biennial Cairo Port Said, Egypt
2009 – Roma Abstracta, International Abstract-Cinema-Festival, Roma, Italy
2008 – NABA art & design, Milano, Italy
2007 – Art National Festival for Computer & Digital Art, Art Palace, Cairo, Egypt
2007 – Short Film Festival, Goethe Institute, Cairo, Egypt
2007 –Gravity Post House Cairo, Egypt
2006 – Modern Photography, French Center Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2005 – Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2004 – Creative Women Festival, Gezira Culture Center, American University
She is exhibiting nationally and internationally since 1999.


Soha Abou Hussein, LIFECYCLE, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 160 cm

Mobile: 002 – 0122 669 3353

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