Chi Jia He (YEGU)

He was born in 1941, graduated in Guangdong at FoShan art school which he attended in the years 1958 – 1961. The major subject was oil painting, mostly influenced by style of Monet impressionism.

He is attracted by simple everyday life; every sunset is pleasing him once he sits next to the stone bridge. He enjoys the ripples on the surface of a river, while the voice of the walking clocks is rising nearby. All these impressions together create a lyrical song in his mind, like a beautiful night.

He grew up on the shore of the Peal River, the biggest river in south China. He loves the watery region so deeply and feels the violin sounds playing on the surface of his beloved river while the south wind pushed the hot summer far away. It was a green earth when the children played in the water, the singing fishermen returned with their boats and when you could hear the frogs croaking and by watching the steps of the green stone road you could feel the long history of this region. When he was looking into the moon light he started to feel lonely and melancholic.


In this certain and special moment he was not able to figure out the reasons for these feelings as they passed away so quickly like a chimera. But as the world is subject to change he believes strongly that she will turn into a place more and more beautiful and worth to live in.

In the contemporary China city people are longing for rural life as the urban living environment is getting worse and people have lost their by nature given honesty mind. His wish, intention and hope are that his artworks may bring back in mind the simplicity, honesty and originality of the past and the wish to t live a life more aware of what is important.

Solo Exhibitions:
2015 – National Library, Wan Jiang, China
2010 – National Art Academy and Collected, Lin Nan, China
2001 – Opium War National Museum, Hu Men, China

Group Exhibitions & Awards:
2017 – Invited to attend The XIth Florence Biennale in Italy
2016 – The first prize of painting in 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Argentina
2016 – Finalist “Premio Arte Roma” in Rome
2016 – Finalist of “The MtSV Annual Maritime Art Awards” in Australia
2016 – Nominated “PLAM ART AWARD 2016” in Germany
2016 – Finalist of “T-7th Renoartio August Contest Winner” USA
2012 – Guangdong Province China Painting and Calligraphy exhibition Gold Award
2012 – Beijing China Painting and Calligraphy exhibition Gold Award
1999 – China’s most authoritative „Art“ magazine published
1980 – Guangdong Province China Art Exhibition the second prize
1984 – Guangdong Province China Art Exhibition the third prize


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