Alessandra Sequeira – Beyond the infinite


Beyond the infinite

At the beginning there was nothing and then God in His infinite wisdom and love created a dot, and from there on the universe!
During the COVID pandemic I have being interested in creating art pieces and installations where the ¨observer¨ can journey inside and beyond themselves and question their existence. My Creative processes or journeys, as I usually call them, cover states of consciousness that encompass spaces from biology, energy, synergy, quantum, cosmology and spirituality. Spaces where the flexible intention is capable of accessing and transforming the collective unconscious and in the attempt of all this, to interpret Paradise. A space where we are able to transcend our human nature in the infinite of space and return to our true essence. And paradise arises from that drop, that recognizing its smallness, manages to find its greatness; understanding that it is part of a whole, seeking to interconnect with others and thus become. Each process causes the droplet or particle to transform itself and therefore its environment. It is that moment in which the spirit of transcendence is born.
I choose to live and draw as part of a whole without judgment or prejudice. Drawing a sphere or drop with the Universe disables the individuality of Ego, leading me to the unknown but inner felt landscape of Paradise!

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