Antony Francis Kodankandath – Back in my Eden

Back in my Eden

As a place of contemptment and fulfillment, ‘Paradise’ is expected to provide exceptional peace, happiness and delight without any botheration or responsibility. ‘Paradise’ is also considered to be the ultimate destiny of the soul.
The concept of ‘Another day in Paradise’ brings us to the reunion with the ‘Divine’ and takes us to a level of experience that leads to the perfection of God’s creation. Here we can visualize light, flowing like a river which starts floating and springs into a full bloom with flowers and butterflies. In this stage of evolution, human beings in the form of an embryo, stays detached from all these elements of so called ‘Paradise’, as it was there inside the womb of a mother. My mother gave birth to me in the year 1960 through a Cesarean surgery which was considered to be a very risky affair, during that time period and in a remote place called Moovattupuzha, Kerala.

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