Gadicherla Dheerajvalkya – Experiment IV

Experiment IV

Drying times for different kinds of coffee vary hugely. While drying each layer, I introduce new elements to determine the direction of the painting, based on my thoughts or experiences. Covid-19 is the core for Experiment IV, the way it affected my family. The elements could be more coffee, sea water, sand from the desert, air etc for each layer until I feel my thoughts are transposed on the canvas. Climatic conditions affect the final painting differently – from harsh sunlight to the layers being dried in complete darkness for long periods of time. From a dry room to simulating a humid area for the layers to dry – I experiment with multiple variables. 

The layers usually have a chance to dry either in the hot arid desert ‚Rub-al Khali‘ of Oman and cool off on the humid seashores of Muscat. But the lockdown did not afford me the chance. This painting never had a chance to get out of my house; in short, the painting was in lock-down for 6 months.  During a time when some people can’t move out of their houses and are forced to stay within the walls this is an opportunity to escape to my paradise.

‚Experiment IV‘ is the new normal that delivers the world inside these four walls with a promise of tomorrow.

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