Glen Farley – Lives of loyal service

Lives of Loyal Service

For some people these days, landing a permanent job in a big organization is a form of paradise, a secure island of employment in a sea of uncertainty. But for others, contributing their whole lives to an organization, pledging loyalty to the company wherever that might lead, can be more like living in purgatory, and soul-destroying.

For these people, freedom is more important than security. Particularly those working in middle management positions can feel squeezed between loyalty to upper management and official positions, and loyalty to their coworkers and their personal values. “Lives of Loyal Service” explores these ideas.

This wall-mounted kinetic artwork has several moving parts and lights and is an architectural tribute to the artist’s favourite office building in his home town of Toronto, Canada. Reminiscent of and inspired by automata from the 17th and 18th century, “Lives of Loyal Service” can be seen as a special kind of clock that measures not in hours and minutes, but lifetimes.

Since this is a moving artwork, please see this one minute film:

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