Heinz Frey – Bosch Apples


Bosch Apples

My photographic work „BOSCH APPLES“ was inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s „Garden of Delights“ from the Prado in Madrid. Excerpts of the triptych (left from the „Garden of Eden“ and right from the central panel, the „Garden of Delights“) can be found as picture quotations in the background on the wall:
After the bite into the apple of knowledge has driven man out of paradise, he tastes all kinds of surreal fruits in the world ( the „Garden of Desire“), which are supposed to put him alternatively into paradisiacal spheres.
Which is my fruit, my apple, which can lead me to a paradise on earth:
Do I strive for wealth and gold, do I succumb to a red-poppy plastic consumerism, am I lured by the big city in grey concrete, or do I find happiness and contentment in green nature or sky-blue religion. And then there are those who believe that they can only create their personal paradise by burning the existing world to rubble.
In the end, it is our own choice in which apple we bite to create a piece of paradise on earth.


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