Herwig Maria Stark – And I dreamed of a different world

And I dreamed of a different world
And I dreamed of a different world, a world in which people love each other, a world in which respect, mercy, mutual understanding, and interest in diversity are the main pillars of human society. A world in which hatred, anger, ire, greed, envy and war have no place.
But the world I saw was and is different. So I read books, tried my luck in religions and other teachings, but as it seemed, unsuccessful. I have endured a lot so far, my scars are deep, the pain is still there. I still saw and see misery and despair and inaction, and I still feel powerless, hope seemed to fade.
But at some point it fell from my eyes like sheds that this other world – paradise – is deep within me and that I should allow this awareness.
Paradise is everywhere and unrestricted, it shows itself in everything that surrounds us. It reveals itself endlessly. We live in paradise by recognizing and living the rules of creation in harmony with it.


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