Ildiko Terebesi – between despair and hope – praying

Between despair and hope – praying

Life often approaches us with demanding challenges: sometimes as a very hard personal fate, sometimes as collective fate in innumerable Moments every day, worldwide. Incidences, which – especially when contemplating God – seem incomprehensible, such as the fire of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, or the current acute worldwide pandemic beginning right before Eastern. As many people exist, so individual are their position their “answer” of each single person in distress: Praying may lead from despair to Esperance and thus be – even in our modern life – an observable sign of hope. And this hope – which originates from belief – becomes visible, tangible for others. Praying convey hope. Praying – as expression of hope, a hope which sustains also in demanding times. Praying – as expression of hope, that lifts up and reassures. Praying – against despair, in full hope.

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