Jana Sabrowski – Ende der Welt


Ende der Welt

My artwork is a very personal piece of mine since the inspiration for my painting goes back to my hometown Schwetzingen and the magnificent castle garden (Schwetzinger Schlossgarten). This place is very dear to me because I have always experienced a deep and profound feeling of peace and bliss during my visits. Within the garden are many sights and extraordinary details, but one garden element is my favorite and it is called “end of the world” (created by Nicolas de Pigage). It evokes feelings of the hereafter, a possible life after death and is quite capturing. You walk through a pergola as if you are on the journey through a tunnel towards the light in the afterlife. Only by coming closer the light turns out to be a window to another world and a peaceful landscape is revealed.
My artwork is not only an homage to this captivating place, but also an abstract representation of my feelings and thoughts that are connected to the afterlife. First of all, I intended to create the “Paradise” in the center of the artwork by means of pouring. The cosmic chaos, which is a complex space and time construct we are floating thorough when we are on our way to the hereafter, is represented by the floating colors around the center. It is darker than the center, blurry and muddled because space and time are dissolved. Earthly laws don’t apply anymore. Also “Paradise” has no clear shapes or forms known to us because it is part of another dimension we are about to drift into. The “border” around this place suggests that it is protected and it undermines that is different from the cosmic chaos around it. What exactly is behind this new dimension remains unclear, yet my work wants to imply that it is something positive where we are about to experience a deep feeling of warmth, peace and bliss similar to the emotions I connect with the castle garden of Schwetzingen. Therefore my artwork does not only disclose my personal idea and wish of the afterlife, but it also depicts a collective belief manifested in humanity: the hope that there is some kind of paradise after departing from this world.


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