Maria Tsormpatzoglou – It was sunrise when we started

It was Sunrise when we Started

„This is the 6th and last one of the series so far. This picture represents the retrospective thoughts on my relationship during the lockdown. The long row of flowers is a metaphor of the long, everblooming process of reconsideration of approaches, the rediscovering of ways to understand and re-evaluation of ways to achieve unity in a relationship. A process similar to and as important as life’s restlessness. Although some edges are still indiscernible -in both picture and relationship, the work is worth doing as the darker parts are present to complement and counterbalance. Moreover, there always will be fractals of golden light to embrace the flowers and remind us of the relationship’s de army, iridescent elements. With this picture I am aiming to evoke those warm, rich feelings of abundance experienced in a romantic relationship. A relationship that allows growth, the existence of both dark and bright moments and two souls who understand the immensely enriching role all those elements play in this context. Loving truly and being sincerely loved is a unique feeling we only get to feel on earth, the magnitude of which reaches up to God’s palms and the qualities of which sit next to her/him forever.

The title of this picture is inspired by Hotel Tel Aviv’s song titled „I Lied“, which I was obsessed at that time with.“

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