Maria Tsormpatzoglou – Make me stay forever

Make me stay forever
This photo was shot during a meeting with a very beloved friend of mine in the Berliner countryside. We were sharing our news under an early vernal sunset, while laughing at the recent changes that the lockdown brought into our everyday lives. We were sitting down onto the freshly reborn green grass that was gently kissed by the last sunbeams of the day. The softly blowing breeze composed an eerie, well-suited tune. The hopeful message that the reawakening nature was transmitting, the warmth of the sun after several months of cold winter, the playful character of the dancing nature and the genuine laughter springing out from our very essence painted a picture of bliss, in which the interconnection of all the things within the universe was undeniably evident.
Make me Stay Forever is one of the pictures I took on that day. My goal was to capture life’s magnitude in that specific moment and use it as a representation and reminder of the Garden of Eden. Natural patterns and unusual colors highlight the uniqueness of this instance, while the dandelions seal the moment’s euphoria by blowing seeds of bliss to the eternity.

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