Tomas Lagūnavičius – Fake Gold 3

Tomas Lagūnavičius

Fake Gold 3

The symbolic meaning of a color arises in the contexts of our consciousness which are indoctrinated by culture, experience, or rituals. Can we say that yellow is an exclusive color for higher existence, enlightenment, contemplation? Is it the answer to the question or is it just our imagination that we try to confirm every day with gilded or golden artifacts such as church roofs, accessories? Perhaps behind this lies the more natural, philosophical reason that gold is a hard-to-extract chemical element. However, this can be objected to. Maybe it’s archaicness that has been raging through our hundred-thousand-year history that has nothing to do with postmodern society. Maybe it’s the desire to demonstrate its power with symbolic objects. Maybe you can just paint a yellow symbol and put on a golden color and that’s enough to make it meaningful. Or maybe that fake gold is people’s dream of a happy life. The question then arises as to whether there can be irony when we talk about their hopes? Critical thinking says yes; we can be critical of symbolic phenomena. But this is just an opinion. And what do YOU think?

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Meinung.

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