Zuo Houxinyi – The lost Paradise

The Lost Paradise

It is said that human beings yearn for a mysterious place, where there are colorfully blooming flowers, vividly leafy forests, full of vitality. They call it—Paradise. I used to live in the paradise they yearned for, where flowers grew wantonly, the river flowed lively, and the greenery was flourishing. But the desert swallowed my paradise and buried the paradise in human fantasy.— Said from a deer. How many places in the world are deserts? How many places cannot be inhabited due to environmental problems? How many places are facing the problem of desertification? Have you ever thought that maybe many years ago, some deserts were originally lakes. Or many years ago, there were dense forests and cute animals. When they were displaced or even on the verge of extinction, when the wet riverbed became a cracked ground. If they would tell, if forests and lakes would cry, would you have the courage to listen, would you take action to change?


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